Posted by: philosopherouge | August 1, 2007

Discovering Jean Renoir

I thought to encourage some creative juices, and put a little focus into my viewing I am undertaking a little cinematic project to discover Jean Renoir’s films. I’ve already seen The Lower Depths, La Grande Illusion and Diary of a Coutry Maid but the others are blank for me. He’s a director who works during my favourite era of cinema, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen by him so far. I still think he’s underappreciated by the majority of the film watching community, and it would be interesting to (very doubtfully) create some buzz. This blog isn’t exclusively dedicated to this project, but will feature all my entries.

Since some of his films are difficult to find, I won’t be working in chronological order, and furthermore may be forced to omit one or two choices because I can’t find copies. I will be starting by watching Partie de Campagne, and should have a proper introduction up as well as a review within a day or two.



  1. If you need any help in this, I’d be glad to pitch. I need to learn more about Renoir anyway, and this is an intelligent excuse to research and promote him.

    I’m 14 Renoir films in, so I know my way around his filmography well enough. I am, however, ignorant to his history and philosophy.

  2. Thanks! I’ve already seen 4ish now. I should finish the silents, but I’m being lazy. I took your advice and have post-poned The River at least for a while. What do you recommend as a first feature non-silent, I’ve seen the Lower Depths and La grande Illusion, so I’d rather go for something new to start.

    I actually picked up a book on Renoir, and am going through it skipping over the sections I haven’t seen. I think it’s by Bazin? I can’t find the book right now…

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