Posted by: philosopherouge | August 13, 2007

Monroe Classics on the Big Screen

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Thursday night I had the opportunity to see one of my all time favourite films on the big screen, the one and only Some Like it Hot. Perhaps by many it isn’t considered an essential big screen film, like Lawrence of Arabia or The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but in many ways I realise I had never REALLY seen it. Even though it’s impossible to see most things on the big screen, it’s so much more important than I ever thought. On a small screen so much nuance of perfomance and direction, and even sound is completely lost. It was like seeing the film for the first time, even though I’ve seen it perhaps more than any other film. As my local arthouse is having this Marilyn Monroe retrospective, I’ll be seeing Gentlemen Prefer Blondes tomorrow and I expect to enjoy every moment. It’s definetely one of my favourite of hers, and seeing the beautiful and rich colours of the musical scenes will be wonderful. I can’t wait.


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