Posted by: philosopherouge | August 16, 2007

Watching Fanny & Alexander

As much as I love film, and try to devour anything and everything really long films, and television series are a blind spot for me. I am frightened by the length, and the commitment I have to make to finish them. Even if I liked what I saw of the Best of Youth, I only ever managed the first three hours, ten minutes of Zhivago, and here’s hoping I’ll get more than the first episode of Fanny and Alexander done before I have to return it. So far I’m almost finished the first, and in all honesty I’m loving it so far… but time is running out! Will I make it? If I do, will I sacrifice returning another “epic” Malcolm X without seeing it? Only time will tell…

In other news, check out Chicks on Fire, it’s a collaborative blog from a more feminine point of view. It’s only two of us for now, but we hope to find a few more people in the future. Get to know my lovely blogger partner by visiting her blog, in particular her wonderfully heartfelt tribute to Ingmar Bergman

I’m also still watching the Avengers, and adoring it. I watched two episodes today, including one of my favourites… the ballroom one. I heart that show too much.



  1. I can’t do long films either. I’ve kept away from so many because I refuse to tackle their length. Yup.

    Teach me how to blog.

  2. What do you want to know about blogging? I’m good with getting traffic, I can help with that.

    It also helps to set a goal, like I’ve promised to post at least one new entry a day. Maybe when school starts every two or three days will be better though.

  3. Don’t let the long running-time discourage you Rouge! This is a wonderful film that I’d suggest taking your time with to absorb instead of rushing to finish it all in one sitting. Totally worth it, just hang in there 🙂

    Malcolm X is also worth your time and one of the best bio-pics ever made. Again, it’s a very long film but the time breezes by because of how fascinating it is. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on both films when you finish watching them. Good luck!

  4. I’m slowly working on Fanny & Alexander, and should have ample time to see it all before I have to return it. I finished Episode 2 earlier tonight, and I have to say it’s just getting better and better. I love the contrast in visuals, settings and even tone of the homes and father figures. It’s really a beautiful film, I can’t see what comes up next.

    I might start Malcolm X tonight or tomorrow, depending on how my mood goes. I’m very excited for it, although my inspiration to pick it up is dubious (I was watching an episode of Angel, and they bring it up :P)

  5. My only suggestion is that you make the time necessary to absorb the films you want to absorb, especially if they take a long time (I find that most Bergman films require this kind of time). In the past I’ve been guilty of trying to watch a lot in a short period of time sometimes, thinking that I had to play ‘catch up’. There are so many films to get through, right? I think it would be doing denser films a dis-service if we’d just rush through it. Leave them some time to linger in your spirit a little. Fanny and Alexander should linger in the bottom of your giant heart for a long *ss time if I had any say in the matter. 😀

    Oh and thanks for the mention. I feel kinda odd about our blog being so bare. We’re going to have to fill it up with wonderful nuggets sooner than later, now that you’ve officially announced it!

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