Posted by: philosopherouge | September 17, 2007

Atlantis: Hymns for Disco (2007), K-OS


Track listing:
“ELEctrik HeaT – the seekwiLL” – 3:38
“The Rain” – 3:51
“FlyPaper” – 4:10
“Equalizer” – 3:08
“Sunday Morning” – 3:47
“Mirror in the Sky” – 3:21
“Born to Run” – 4:48
“Valhalla” (ft. Kevin Drew and Sam Roberts) – 4:16
“CatDieseL” – 3:44
“black Ice – Hymn for Disco” – 5:05
“AquaCityBoy” – 2:41
“Highway 7” – 4:07
“Ballad of Noah” (ft. Buck 65) plus hidden track “Chocolate Chewing Gum” – 8:59

In reviewing Toronto native, K-Os’ new album, some critics have compared his work to Marley’s Uprising and Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited. Lofty praise if there ever was. While I feel that his previous album, Joyful Rebellion, is more worthy of those praise, I don’t think the comparison is too far off. Exuding positive energy and an emphasis on unity, his music has a political conscious. While it will never have the same revolutionary impact as the two afore mentioned albums, there is no doubt in my mind his music is speaking to youths who may go out and make a difference. He never overstates his message, and doesn’t neglect production or melody for message. This may be his most accessible and mainstream album to date, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He doesn’t give up his message or lyrics, but his sound has evolved in that direction. His sound is unmistakeable, despite his blending of multiple genres and sounds. Early on the album, with The Rain we have something right out of the 1970s. Bluesy and soulful, only to have the techno sound of AquaCityBoy and the inclusion of a harmonica in Ballad of Noah. The album only hits one low point, and that’s with mid-album Valhalla. The vocals and lyrics are wonderful, but the beat is overbearing and unpleasent. Luckily it perfectly transitions into one of the best songs of the album CatDiesel. One of the best albums of recent years, if you like this check out Joyful Rebellion, which is even better. K-OS proves once again, that Canada is the place to watch for some of the best musical artists in the industry today. If you have a chance, see him live.

Best tracks: The Rain, Sunday Morning, AquaCityBoy



  1. I actually found it less accessible than his first album for some reason. The again, it’s been a while since I’ve listened to it intently all the way through. “Sunday Morning” is such an addicting song. Btw, how was his concert you attended?

  2. I think you sorta have a point. I think this one is technically by it’s sound more accessible, but his second album is SO good it breaks down any barriers that may be there. The concert was awesome, “Sunday Morning” sounds about ten times better live. Totally different dynamic, super high energy. A great live performer to say the least.

  3. Ok, you convinced me that I need to give this album another whirl before making such claims.

    Glad you had a good time! K-OS does seem like the kind of musical performer who could put on a groovy show.

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