Posted by: philosopherouge | October 11, 2007

Body Parts: Eyes

I am bored and for Halloween, Eyes and the Horror Film




  1. Very pretty eyes, madam.

  2. Thanks 😛

  3. Oh, are those you are eyes? Crazy.

  4. Nobody in their right mind would let me stick a camera that close to their eyes.

  5. Since when were people ever in their right minds? Are you going to do your toenails next?

  6. I considered it actually, but one of my toe nails fell off this week after I dropped something on it. Usually that would be cool, but it’s not even gross and shit. Just toe-nail less.

  7. Quite lovely eyes, I must concur. And the lovely face that accompanies them… will we be seeing that soon? Or should we just continue to think of you as Catherine?

  8. If you think of me as Catheine I probably shouldn’t show my face or there will be epic dissapointment. Who knows though, on a whim I may post something.

  9. These are awesome photos! How did you get them that focused??

  10. I have a little button on my camera that will focus things that are close-up or far away more clearly. I suppose it’s like automatic focus or something.

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