Posted by: philosopherouge | October 13, 2007

November’s Theme

I’ve decided as a motivator to keep up with regular postings, I’ll choose a theme for November and try to include an entry a day pertaining to it. I’ve narrowed it down to: Television, Film Noir and Silent films, but I am happy to take suggestions. I’d love to hear some imput on which you’d rather I do, or if you have any questions. Before I start it up, I still fully intend to be more regular in my postings, so don’t lose hope!



  1. I had lost hope, but you might reinspire it…

    IF you choose Silent Films as your theme. TV blows. Film Noir is over analyzed (my class is probably obscuring my perception here). So Silent is your only real option. Do it.

  2. I’m thinking the same thing, plus I’m really behind in my silent film watching. Most of TV blows, more so than film… but there are a few gems. I think you’re both jaded and right on Noir :p

  3. Oooh! Noirs are my favorite genre, so you know where my vote will go. I mean, Mango’s right that it’s overanalyzed, but that’s partly because there’s so many ways to analyze them.

  4. One has to be careful about calling noir a genre. It’s better defined as a style or set of thema within the crime drama genre. I agree that there’s too much written about noir, though the style just segues into a lot of my interests and my own personal aesthetics, so I enjoy writing about it and will continue doing so as I make headway through lesser known films.
    Speaking of which, have you seen this site?:

    I would suggest silent films, but I’m biased by an interest in the form. It’s also broader and less specific than film noir, so many angles to approach it from. I haven’t seen you delve too much into the subject and would like to read your thoughts.

  5. I have seen that site, and run into it quite often in my Internet explorations. I should blogroll it sometime, because it makes for a great read and great recommendations.

    Silent films seem to be what direction I’m heading into. I’ll have to stock up!

  6. I further recommend silent films. There are so many great films of all genres (except musicals of course) in the silent period that you wouldn’t feel as restricted or limited by doing just one genre, like say Noir.

  7. So very true, I just picked up a rather interesting silent number, some adult short silent films that used to be played in brothels… Should be stimulating 😛 Apparently one is rumoured to be directed by Jean Renoir, although there is no conclusive proof.

  8. Whoa, I want to hear more about these! Where can I see them?

  9. If I ever get around to sending Cluny Brown, I can send them too. I got them through the same means.

  10. Rouge! It’s your site! Write whatever you want to write about! I will be checking back to make sure you’re not squandering your creative potential.

  11. You’re starting to sound like Mango 😛 Yea I know, I’m a very indecsive person though and would be happy writing about anything.

  12. You have many things to send me. I will beg you until you do so.

  13. I’m planning on trying to get a job sometime eventually, when I do, sending you things is first on my list of things to do. I’m really too broke to send you anything now. I don’t have a dime to my name.

  14. I second or third or fourth or whatever it is silent film. So much excellence.

  15. Don’t worry Justine, I understand. If you can believe it, I have even LESS to my name.
    *continues begging anyways*

  16. I would love to read your views on silent films, I’m quite new to the movie scene. Your theme and content for next month would definitely be on my watch list.


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