Posted by: philosopherouge | December 16, 2007

The Powell and Pressburger Blog-a-Thon Headquarters

Starting tomorrow morning/late tonight start submitting your entries for the Powell and Pressburger Blog-A-Thon. You have all week, and can cover any film or topic relating to either or both filmmakers. Perhaps, like me, you’ll take advantage of a big snowstorm to get your entries done! I’ll start posting tomorrow


Genuine Artificiality from Cinema Styles

The Edge of the World from Flickhead 

The Small Back Room from The Agitation of the Mind

Love/Death, Realism/Fantasy, and Everything In-Between: Powell and Pressburger’s A Matter of Life and Death from For Lack of a Better Word

Acting Up: Anton Walkbrook from Cinema Styles

Contraband from mardecortesbaja

An Officer and a Gentleman, or: What I Love About The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp from Joey’s Film Blog

The Waiting Game from Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee

RIP Deborah Kerr from Froward to Yesterday

A Canterbury Tale from  The Agitation of the Mind

A Matter of Life and Death from a Black & White World


  1. Not sure if the last comment posted. Here’s the URL for my first post in the blogathon:


  2. Since I’m a big fan of Powell and Pressburger’s films, I thought I would enter into this blog-a-thon. Here’s the URL for my post:

    This is a ‘re-print’ of a term paper I wrote in college about Powell and Pressburger’s A Matter of Life and Death.

    For Lack of a Better Word
    a ‘culture’ podcast

  3. Thanks for hosting the P&P blog-a-thon (and congratulations on an excellent post on ‘Gone to Earth’). This is the link to my post on ‘The Small Back Room’:

  4. Powell sans Pressburger…(sorry!)

  5. Lovely entries everyone!!

    Don’t worry, I’ll be adding some non-Pressburger films myself. I’m hoping to fit in a viewing of Age of Consent before the week is over!

  6. Justine – I have a write-up on Anton Walbrook from August (you commented on it in fact) for his performance in “Colonel Blimp”. I’d like to submit it for this blog-a-thon since the subject of the post fits perfectly.

    Here’s the URL:

  7. A contribution — “Contraband” —

  8. My post for the blog-a-thon –

  9. I went in a different direction, but here’s my link on Powell.

  10. Thanks for doing this. I’m looking forward to checking out the posts.

    I’ve been sort of out of the blogocinesphere world for the last few weeks and so I missed out that this was happening before the Greencine post, and because of some other commitments I doubt I’ll be able to write anything new, sadly, though I’m a big, big P&P fan — having only really discovered them at a relatively advanced age a few years back, I’d rank them with Hitchcock, Hawks, Wilder, and the rest.

    I would have loved to have done something on “49th Parallel” or, if could find it on TCM or someplace, their terrific first film, “The Spy in Black.” Or maybe more on “Blimp,” which is probably my all time favorite film these days. Criterion needs to get that one out.

    Nevertheless, I do have this post from a couple of months back, honoring the late Deborah Kerr and her role “Blimp,” which will have to stand as my humble submission.

  11. Figured I’d take another look at one of P&P’s less remembered outings, ‘A Canterbury Tale’:


    I’m new to the whole blogging thing, so I only found this blog-a-thon when it was just over. Here’s a quick post I’ve added in order to have participated, if belatedly. I plan on writing more on Powell soon, as I have some good gossip and I adore the films.

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