Posted by: philosopherouge | December 22, 2007

P & P Blog-a-thon: Childhood Favourites

A fine host I’ve been! One more day, and I still have only one entry… shame on me. I’ve had a string of bad luck though, bad snow had me without Internet, I was sick, and then last minute Christmas shopping. Now for my entry I was preparing to show off my mid 1980s VHS versions of The Thief of Bagdad and The Red Shoes that I used to watch weekly as a child, but alas I cannot find my USB cord ANYWHERE. You’ll have to take my sworn word, but these tapes are older than I am, and well worn (although they still play).

I rewatched The Red Shoes for the first time in nearly ten years about 14 months ago, only to be won over once again by it’s magic. My passion for Powell & Pressburger were re-ignited and here I am today, doing a blog-a-thon for my favourite filmmakers. I had just re-discovered my Thief of Bagdad tape last week, and was hoping to rewatch it. I still have time, but it is running out! Hopefully I’ll have one or two more articles up today and tomorrow, in the mean time I have two questions.

The picture above is me at the age when I fell in love with the Red Shoes, approximately. I’m all for guessing 🙂

1) What was your first Powell and Pressburger? What was your reaction?

2) How do you feel about revisiting childhood favourites? Have you ever been pleasantly surprised?



  1. How fortuitous — my answer to question one is available in my movie blog, since I finally got around to posting my contribution to the Blog-a-Thon.

  2. How fortuitous — my answer to question one is available in my movie blog, since I finally got around to posting my contribution to the Blog-a-Thon.

  3. But I repeat myself! Sorry about that, I got some bizarre error the first time I tried to comment.

  4. Well first you’ve been a fine host. I’m just glad someone did this because they are such deserving filmmakers for a blogathon.

    Second, that picture is adorable.

    Third, my first P&P was in fact The Red Shoes and I was mesmerized both many years ago and every time I’ve seen it since.

    So thanks for everything. And now that I’ve done a blogathon here, maybe (just asking you understand) I can even get on your blogroll? I’m feeling a little left out.

    Thanks again Justine. It was terrific.

  5. My first Powell film was Thief of Bagdad. My first P & P films was I Know Where I’m Going. I saw both through William K. Everson in a class he had at NYU.

    I have to wonder why in his autobiography, Powell did not write about the twist of working with two guys named Rex Ingram.

    As far as revisiting films from childhood, I did see the Steve Reeves version of Hercules about twenty years later in theatrical re-release. It was sort of fun, but I viewed the film in the spirit of getting a sense of popular Italian cinema of that time.

  6. Wow…childhood favorites…that’s only likely to get me into trouble…

    I loved ET, & Return to Oz. What does that say about me?

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