Movies I have seen by Year

Self explanatory I hope? Recent years are a bit iffy, as a Canadian sometimes my release dates are different than the American ones.

It’s very difficult to organize this through wordpress, so I set up a blogger account where I am slowly working through the years.




  1. Best Films of 2007: Verdict on Auschwitz
    The Lives of Others
    I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone
    The Host
    Pervert’s Guide to Cinema
    Black Book
    Eastern Promises
    Day Night Day Night
    Nina’s Home
    Rescue Dawn
    This is England
    No Country for Old Men
    Lake of Fire
    Terror’s Advocate
    Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
    I’m Not There

  2. Great list Amanda, so many wonderful recommendations as I’ve only seen the Lives of others, Black Book, Eastern Promises, Ratatouille and No Country. With the exception of the first, they’re all in my top 10 so far of this year. I can’t wait for I’m not There, it’s supposed to open here friday.

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